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Our eggnots® Touch Hearts All Across the Country

eggnots has received an overwhelming emotional response from parents of children with allergies! The emails we have received are heart-warming and have brought tears to our eyes. This reaction reinforces our belief that there is a great need for products such as eggnots that allow kids with allergies to participate in activities and feel "just like other kids."

Wondering what our customers are saying about eggnots®? Browse through our testimonials to find out!

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Our daughter Amanda was diagnosed with food allergies to eggs, peanuts and tree nuts at one and a half years old. It is a struggle alone to adapt to holiday foods that are safe for her to eat, but it has also been a struggle to adapt to the Easter tradition of coloring Easter eggs. While other children in preschool or Sunday school were coloring real hard-boiled eggs, Amanda was set aside decorating a plastic egg with stickers. It would have been great for her to do what the other children were doing. We also felt that her younger sister was missing out on the tradition of coloring Easter eggs for the Easter Bunny, as we never have eggs in the house.

So the first time we tried eggnots, it brought smiles to our family’s faces as we could watch two little girls (ages 8 & 6) have the experience of coloring Easter eggs for the first time. It was a strange experience for Amanda to hold an egg in her hand that looked so real but was so safe for her to touch. She was truly amazed. The girls enjoyed choosing their dye colors and watching as, in minutes, the white eggs turned into a rainbow of Easter colors.

And the best thing of all was when our youngest daughter hid the eggs for us to find, and it took us a week to find. We did not have to worry about a smelly rotten egg hiding somewhere in the house. eggnots allowed our allergic daughter to experience one of childhood's memorable holiday traditions. Thank you, eggnots!

I would also like to thank you for such a terrific product :) My three year old has a rare, life threatening autoimmune disease- Eosinophilic Esophagitis. He is allergic to all food, both to ingest, and some airborne. He is fed 100% through a special jtube, as he also suffers with gastric paralysis. When we received your eggs last year- it allowed us to participate in a typical Easter tradition. It was so wonderful to share this tradition with him, and our older son. Your product is life changing :)

Thank you so much for making eggnots! I ordered a set for my 6 grandchildren, ranging in age from 11 years to 1 month. The two- year old girl is highly allergic to eggs. All of the children were happy using the eggnots that look and feel like real eggs. The two-year old was so proud that she could join in with her cousins. The eggnots quickly became beautifully decorated and all the grown-ups were delighted with the results, both with the beautiful eggnots and the very happy children. Thank you, we will certainly order them again and again.

My family and I are so happy that we found a product like yours that allows my daughter to safely participate in Easter egg decorating. The eggnots arrived beautifully packaged and completely intact. When I opened the package I was so excited to know that my daughter with multiple allergies would be able to participate in a “food” related activity that was safe. This year is the first year we have been able to decorate Easter Eggs!! My other daughter without allergies was excited as well. We think your product is wonderful!

Thank you so much for making my children's Easter extra special this year! When we received the eggnots, I was surprised at how much they look and feel like real eggs. My 7 year old son and 9 year old daughter were thrilled to finally be able to dye Easter eggs for the first time in their lives. The eggnots' color came out beautifully. The best part is that we can keep the eggnots as decorations for future Easters. Once again, thank you for making such a special allergy friendly product.

I can't tell you how excited I was when I discovered your product!! My son has several allergies as well and I have been looking for this exact product for years!! Thank you for creating eggnots. I never thought my son would ever be able to dye Easter eggs. They came extremely fast. We had so much fun. I hope to have your product for many Easters to come.

I couldn't have been more pleased with the timely arrival of our Egg Nots. They were so realistic, my children hesitated before touching them!!!!! My children were so excited to be able to dye Easter eggs for the first time in their little lives! They both have multiple food allergies, which include eggs, and finally I was able to share this experience from my childhood with them. It was better than the "real thing" and we get to keep our memory forever!

My son, Riley, is eight years old. He is *severely* allergic to many foods, including eggs. I'm pretty creative and over the years we have done a lot of fun Easter activities rather than egg dyeing -- painting wood eggs, using embroidery floss to decorate foam eggs, etc. But he always wished he could dye eggs. Clearly not possible when he can't even touch an egg. I was thrilled when I happened across the eggnots product! I bought two dozen (to save on shipping so I had a dozen for this year and a dozen for next). We followed the recipe on the package and colored a full 12. Riley was over the moon! He kept saying: "I can't believe I get to color eggs this year." Not only were they fun to color, but they were fun to find when the Easter Bunny hid them around the house, and as a bonus, I have a beautiful keepsake decoration to use for my Easter table centerpiece next year!

My sweet four year old, Luke, is allergic to eggs. We haven't dyed eggs in 4 years. My daughter, who is seven, and I have come up with all sorts of other Easter crafts. We have no eggs in the house so she hasn't dyed eggs either. This year, she asked if there was something like a wood egg that we could decorate. A day later, I saw eggnots on the Life, Gluten Free blog and bought some. They are perfect. We colored them with crayons, then dyed them with your recipe. They felt just like eggs. The box was adorable. Thank you so much for such a perfect product. We will definitely get some next year too.

I am so thankful for the eggnots. My son is 5 and allergic to eggs among other things. This was his first experience dying eggs. It was also the first time we could dye eggs as a family. In years past, we shipped off my other kids to the grandparents to dye eggs without us. They arrived in plenty of time and in good condition. Thank you so much for giving us the experience of dying eggs.

My husband & I are vegan, while our daughter and granddaughter are vegetarian (but do not consume eggs). I can't tell you how thrilled I was to find these, so our granddaughter could color Easter eggs, cruelty free. Everyone thinks they are real. They look awesome, colored and decorated! And we can keep them and add to the collection next year. We will be ordering again for next Easter.Thank you for creating this wonderful product!!

I am so glad that I found you! Just ordered 2 dozen! My boys are both highly allergic to eggs, and I have missed dying Easter Eggs with them. I cannot wait to dye eggnots with them this year! You are truly a blessing and thank you for allowing my children to have the simple joy of dying Easter Eggs!


Hello! I am the mother of 2 egg allergic children (plus allergic to milk, peanut, tree nut, wheat and barley - therefore we avoid all gluten). It would be the first time my 9 yr old son ever colored eggs and he has always asked about doing it. Thank you! WooHoo!!!  Happy dance here : )THANK YOU!