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Frequently Asked Questions

Are any of the top 8 allergens contained in eggnots®?

No, none of the top 8 allergens (dairy, egg, wheat (gluten), soy, peanuts, tree nuts, fish and shellfish) are contained in eggnots. eggnots are not produced in a facility that processes any of these allergens.

How long does it take for eggnots to dry thoroughly?

You should allow approximately 20-30 minutes for eggnots to dry completely. In this time most color variations in the dye will blend in.

Can any other colors be created from the basic food coloring?

Yes, colors can be blended, i.e., red & yellow to create orange, blue & red to create purple, etc. The mixture should equal 1 teaspoon of food coloring.

Are there any other decorating techniques for eggnots?

The possibilities are endless. One idea to create a unique design is to put droplets of the dye recipe onto the eggnots. Another is to use a cotton swab as a brush and the eggnots as your canvas. These should be matted with a paper towel to remove excess liquid.

Can I use dye dots or dye tablets with eggnots?

We have not found a dye dot/tablet that works effectively with eggnots. For best results use the recipe found on both the packaging and the website.

Can eggnots® be used for Psyanki art (Ukranian egg decorating)?

eggnots are a bit more porous that real eggs. This allows the dye to seep behind the wax a little and doesn’t yield the crisp lines required for the technique.

Can you boil eggnots?

Boiling eggnots is not recommended

Can you bake eggnots?

Baking eggnots is not recommended

Are eggnots hollow?


Are eggnots fragile? Can pre-schoolers use them?

eggnots are not fragile.

We have had great success with pre-schoolers using eggnots.

They may break if dropped on a hard surface from 3 or 4 feet.

That said, we have been amazed many times when they didn’t break.

This fee covers the costs of processing and packaging your order.

Can the dye be removed to reuse eggnots?

eggnots can be re-used year after year as decorations.

You can re-decorate them by adding embellishments such as glitter, confetti, paints, etc.

You cannot remove the dye. You can dye to a darker color once they have dried.

In addition to dyeing, what are some other ways to use eggnots?

This versatile blank canvas of eggnots makes them the perfect starting point for almost any craft. The possibilites are endless. Ready to get crafty? Check out some craft tips using eggnots