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Craft Tips Using eggnots®


Inspired by the chosen colors of the renaissance period, deep shades of green, burgundy, and hues of gold, this amazing design is so easy to do yourself. After applying your chosen paint colors, and allowing to dry, apply a coat of decoupage glue and clear glitter.

"Santa's Elfegg"

This idea was just plain fun and spontaneous! Create "Elfegg", from scraps of green and red felt and a set of 'wobble eyes'

Add some color using:

  • spray paint
  • acrylic paint
  • markers
  • nail polish

Accessorize with style by gluing on:

  • glitter
  • sequins and rhinestones
  • colored tissue paper
  • ribbon
  • other embellishments

Get crafty by adding:

  • clay
  • wire
  • fabric