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Other eggnots® Products

Dye Kit

Although you can use your own food coloring to create your dye using our instructions. We have also put together a standard dye kit for your eggnots for people that do not have food coloring on hand.

Each of our dye kits includes:

  • 4 original eggnots dye cups.
  • 1 - Blue Dye #1
  • 1 - Emerald Green
  • 1 - Red #40
  • 1 - Yellow #5

All of the dyes in our dye kit are approved under the United States Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

Chick & Nest Kit

This decorative and easy to make Easter craft will put a fresh face on spring. A fun craft for the whole family that will add a touch of Easter charm to your home.

Each kit includes:

  • eggnots 6 pack
  • 1 Yellow Dye Packet
  • 1 Dye Cup
  • 1 Base
  • Decorative Grass
  • Yellow Feathers
  • Google Eyes
  • Orange Felt For Beaks

Assembly required

Egg Hangers

Turn your eggnots project into a holiday ornament with these glueable, gold-tone egg hangers.

3 Easy Steps to Creating Beautiful, Festive Ornaments:

  • Complete your eggnots craft and let all dye, paint, and glue dry.
  • Use craft or super glue to secure the hanger to the top of your eggnots.
  • Add an ornament hook or string a thread through the eye of the hanger.
  • 12 hangers / pack.

Now just find the perfect spot to display your eggnots ornament!