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Other eggnots® Products

Dye Cups

You can use your own food coloring to create your dye using our easy to follow instructions.


  • 4 original eggnots dye cups.
  • Our eggnots cups are decorative, sturdy and perfectly sized to give you the ultimate coloring experience!

    They are just the right size to completely cover the eggnots and help to keep that dye off your hands.

Chick & Nest Kit

This decorative and easy to make Easter craft will put a fresh face on spring. A fun craft for the whole family that will add a touch of Easter charm to your home.

Each kit includes:

  • eggnots 6 pack
  • 1 Yellow Dye Packet
  • 1 Dye Cup
  • 1 Base
  • Decorative Grass
  • Yellow Feathers
  • Google Eyes
  • Orange Felt For Beaks

Assembly required

Egg Hangers

Turn your eggnots project into a holiday ornament with these glueable, gold-tone egg hangers.

3 Easy Steps to Creating Beautiful, Festive Ornaments:

  • Complete your eggnots craft and let all dye, paint, and glue dry.
  • Use craft or super glue to secure the hanger to the top of your eggnots.
  • Add an ornament hook or string a thread through the eye of the hanger.
  • 12 hangers / pack.

Now just find the perfect spot to display your eggnots ornament!