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Easter With Egg Allergies: The eggnots® Story

Several years ago, my niece was diagnosed with food allergies, with eggs among the list of items she is highly allergic to. Her parents quickly learned how to read ingredients on food labels to identify foods safe for her to eat or even touch. This education is an ongoing process for our entire family.

I've always enjoyed gathering with my seven nieces and nephews for seasonal activities and holiday celebrations. For years, one thing we could never do was dye Easter eggs. My heart broke to hear that while her classmates in school, church and scouts were coloring eggs, my niece was separated from the other children and the activity.

I searched for other options, but found there was no allergy-free product on the market that could serve as an Easter egg alternative.

Thus, eggnots was born! I created a dyeable ceramic product that allowed my niece and her little sister to have the experience of coloring Easter Eggs. Watching these two children enjoy coloring eggnots was an emotional experience.

It is my hope that other families will be able to enjoy this same experience. Please try eggnots today, and then share your experience with us!

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